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Cloud Infrastructure on AWS for Startups and SMEs

We provide solutions for every stage of your AWS cloud journey. From architecting, migrating, managing, and optimizing your cloud environment, we are here to help you leverage the power of AWS to accelerate your business.

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Review & Advise

Our advisory services provide valuable, practical, and actionable guidance on leveraging cloud adoption to address business challenges.

Design & Build

We offer expertise in designing and constructing the optimal infrastructure to support your applications and data. AWS Well-Architected practices are ingrained in our approach.


We assess your cloud environment to identify areas for improvement and redesign for enhanced efficiency, performance, security, and governance.

Monitor & Manage

Direct your attention towards your core business initiatives, allowing us to proactively monitor and manage your infrastructure, ensuring you can provide added value to your customers.

Why choose us?

Through our extensive experience, we have come to understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply when it comes to businesses adopting the cloud. Each company has unique drivers that stem from their strategic intent and execution focus, allowing them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Therefore, EasyPeasyCloud takes a client-centric approach, beginning with a fundamental question: how effectively does the client's cloud strategy support their overall business strategy? We recognize that the cloud is just one component of an organization's broader digital transformation strategy, aimed at achieving cost savings or expanding into new markets.

Our methodology revolves around providing tailored solutions that align with your budget and timeline while maintaining the highest quality standards. As a trusted partner, we not only assist you in identifying the right solution but also actively collaborate as part of your implementation team.

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Why choose us
EasyPeasyCloud AWS Certifications

Work with certified AWS Experts

The EasyPeasyCloud Team has expertise and experience in AWS Cloud infrastructures validated by AWS.

We deliver value using proactive monitoring, automation, and management of our customer's environment. Depending on your IT needs, EasyPeasyCloud offers a robust AWS infrastructure with management via reporting, performance testing, backup recovery and more. We ensure that every cloud resource you own is being used securely and effectively, and that you can leverage managed cloud computing services, such as AWS Lambda.

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Build on AWS

Deploy new applications or workloads to AWS to get all the benefits of an elastic and scalable architecture.

Adoption and Migration

Migrate legacy applications or workloads to AWS for improved reliability, scalability, security, and performance efficiency.

Application Modernization

Leverage serverless or container platforms for elasticity and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

Security and Compliance

Ensure compliance and continuous governance to deliver a secure and compliant cloud that meets regulatory needs and concerns.

AWS Cost Optimization

Optimize performance and resource utilization, create visibility across all services, and optimize your AWS costs in the cloud.

Professional Services On-demand

On-demand Solutions Architect and Cloud Engineers to help you utilize the AWS platform and services.

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News from the cloud world

We like to share our knowledge, experiences from building solutions, insights, and perspectives from being a cloud-first consulting firm.

Introducing EasyPeasyCloud: Revolutionizing Infrastructure Design for Startups and SMEs
May 12, 2022

Introducing EasyPeasyCloud: Revolutionizing Infrastructure Design for Startups and SMEs

By Antonio Angelino

EasyPeasyCloud is a new AWS Consulting Firm that helps startups and SMEs to design, build and maintain AWS Architectures matching their needs. Learn how we work and how we can help you and your company to adopt the cloud.

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