About Us

We help your team to adopt and take full advantage of cloud computing technologies.

EasyPeasyCloud is not a "cloud-native" company. We are a team of experienced software engineers, SysAdmins, and DevOps that started their careers way before the cloud computing revolution.

We can really appreciate all the advantages of cloud computing because we know how complex it is to create redundant and reliable infrastructures and manage their security.

Back in 2000, our founding team designed and maintained dozen of physical infrastructures getting their hands dirty in datacenters. In 2012, the year of first AWS re:Invent event, Antonio Angelino, our Founder and CEO, had already successfully used several AWS services in production with dozens of customers.

Thanks to our background and expertise, we are able to help SMEs to reengineer and migrate their workloads to the cloud as well as designing and implementing new cloud architectures for startups.

Our highly certified experts excels in architecting and operating secure, automated cloud-based solutions built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Unlike other consulting companies, our ultimate goal is not replacing your team, but rather help them to be independent thanks to our coaching sessions.

We want to be the elder brother who guides you and keeps you from making mistakes while you take your first steps on the clouds.

- Antonio Angelino, CEO

Why Choose Us

Dedicated servers, virtual machines, containers, lambda functions, SOA, micro-services, RBAC, MTTR, RTPO, TCO, Kinesis or SQS?, Fargate or Lambda? Why not Amplify? Building, migrating, and deploying an application to the cloud is a complex maze nowadays. You have many options that can boost your productivity or don't let you sleep at night.
Our cloud engineers have a breadth of expertise in AWS services, technologies, and architectural best practices to ensure the success of your project.


Highly Skilled

We hire only seasoned, certified cloud professionals with at least five years of experience and usually many more. Our teammates are naturally courious and experiment with the latest technologies to discover their pros and cons.

Security First Approach

We follow and enforce security best practices for all our clients and internally.
Since Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS, us, and our customers, we also take care of training your employees to be sure that the security chain doesn't break.

All-around Knowledge

Our cloud experts have a profound knowledge in AWS services, technologies, and architectural best practices to ensure the success of your project.


Transparency is one of our pillars. We issue weekly reports to keep our clients informed of our progress and plans. You will know exactly how we're executing to fullfill your business needs.

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